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Welcome to The Secret Lounge Radio

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

I thought the first blog post should be from myself, the founder of The Secret Lounge, to tell you more about why I set up The Secret Lounge Radio Station & Community.

It's fair to say that 2020 was personally my big year of self development & empowerment.

I decided to be led by my bucket list dream of becoming a DJ, which going into Lockdown put all my actual big event plans on hold. Now looking back, it was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me, with all the Live streams, zoom events happening & people becoming more aware of how to have a night out in & listen to their favourite DJ's online. So with that in mind I became determined to focus on raising my DJ profile and turned all my attention to my Instagram page.

Amazingly I have now reached almost 5k followers within a year, mostly from trying to spread a little bit of fun and positivity. My vibe is very much reflective of my personality and how I try to live my life, being a girls girl, but having a laugh with the guys, bigging up people & cheering on everyone, the girls in particular.

I also try to keep it real with regularly addressing mental health awareness issues - something which has also effected me in the past. On this journey I've met so many incredible women, all on their own journeys but happy to share their experiences, advice, plans & dreams with me. I feel a real sisterhood vibe & just having friendship & support from strong like minded women is so inspiring & empowering. One of the biggest changes that has happened recently, is my attitude not worry so much about what other people think of me. I initially hid my DJ persona & Insta page from my 'real life' as I was worried what people who knew me would think - like who does she think she is?! lol. So to feel like I'm now free minded to post what I want to post, not hide, and to be who I want to be, it's so empowering & liberating. I would love everyone to feel the same.

Lockdown also led me to new experiences & changes relating to a lot of personal things including a few obstacles in my marriage. I now believe that what can ultimately kill your relationship can actually make it stronger, which led to me to have a more open mind which is extremely liberating. I've finally reached an age where I'm happy, more confident & open minded in all areas of my life & I want to encourage everyone, especially women to experience the same.

After being involved with 10 radio stations & my own event business on hold because of Covid, it gave me the idea to start my own station as a platform for myself and to showcase other DJ's talents, also with the eventual intention to incorporate it into my event business.

The Secret Lounge Idea came from the dreamy concept of a radio station being like a cool nightclub in somewhere like Marbella or Ibiza where you can go into a mysterious, intriguing secret room where people can enjoy the same music, chat, dance, make friends & have fun.

Also inspired by the 2019 Charlies Angels movie where the Angels are at that incredible party with a cool DJane on the decks, I love the female empowerment vibe & envisage the same in The Secret Lounge.

The Zoom event idea came from my love of DJing for Zoom dance & hosting my own interactive parties during lockdown. I believe this really is the next best thing to going out and can be a lot of fun.

The virtual world event idea evolved from a bit of curiosity, again during lockdown! I understand it's not for everyone but there are so many other 'normal' & possibly boring radio stations around, & new ones popping up all the time, I thought it would be a really interesting and unique thing to offer this as a streaming platform. Also again following my ethos that we should all be free to do what we like & not worry about what others think! With the Charlies Angels vibe in mind, the events have a strong confident female DJ at the decks & the women can choose to be in control & set the rules.

If you follow me on Insta @djspinique - you will know I love my quotes! A couple of my favourites are -

We only have one life, but one life is all you need if you do it right -

The only things in life you regret are the things you didn't do or the chances you didn't take.

My final thought & message is - It's YOUR life, go live it & have fun while you're doing it. And finally, please don't worry too much about what others think - something I wish I had learned to do earlier in life. Life's too short! - Another one of my fave quotes!

Lots of Love, Virtual Hugs & Positive, Empowering Vibes

DJ S x

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