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Naughty Noodles

More about our Fabulous Resident DJ - Damian Hammond aka Naughty Noodles @naughty_noodles_official

Damian is a DJ based in Hemel Hempstead who has been mixing since August last year. On his 42nd birthday his wife bought him his first controller and we has instantly hooked.

After battling with depression during the first Lockdown last year, mixing helped him mentally in a huge way and made him fall back in love with House music, particularly Bass House, 90's/Bounce & Electro Swing.

After finding a love for spinning tracks, Damian now has a weekly online residency with TSLR (The Secret Lounge Radio).

He is also known for his high energy during his live streams, his gold tuxedo, shades and costume changes.

He and his loyal wife Cathy, @the_plumptious_pinup since Lockdown was lifted, have now started to do LIVE Parties, including Wedding Receptions and Birthday Parties.

If you like what you hear make sure to check out his SOUNDCLOUD page NAUGHTY NOODLES #naughtynoodles #dj #fundj #radiodj #ukdj

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