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Jay Lee

London based DJ Jay Lee is a long time Disco and House Music fan💜

After becoming fascinated by DJing in his mid-late teens, Jay began playing Funky House at parties and various venues around London alongside other multi genre DJs in the early 2000s with good success, but Jay decided to hang up the headphones in 2010, returning in 2019 after rediscovering his Djing passion💜

He's been back behind the decks for the last 2 years crafting a sound very much based around the Nu Disco and Funk scene💜

Jay’s sound is heavily influenced by his love of 70s/80s Disco & Soul alongside Classic and Soulful House💜However, by no means shy to experiment with different sounds💜He can often bring a mixture into his sets, from Jackin House cuts to Afro and Latin beats💜

In 2020 he appeared on QuestLondonRadio to showcase his sound alongside his regular Nu-Disco mix series on both Mixcloud & Soundcloud💜bringing together a blend of Disco and House flavours to keep the listener grooving whilst building his audience and following on these platforms💜

2021 shows no sign of Jay stopping with his Nu-Disco series evolving into his latest project and podcast series The Funkdown Show, with the hope to get more out and play gigs in the near future. Be sure to check it out via his socials💜#jaylee #disco #nudisco #nudiscohouse #londondj #ukdj #thesecretloungeradio #radiodj

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