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DJ Sandy Love

Updated: May 4, 2021

Sandy was born in Madrid in 1975, she grew up with the sound of techno-pop and acid-house. Feeling Love for music since she was very young. ( She studied piano and music theory ), She began her career at 14 working in public relations in several clubs. When she was 16 she started leading a PR teams. Sandy ascended into the world of clubs. But Sandy knew she wanted more for her future, so she studied a Degree and a Master in marketing, public relations and business studies in Madrid at the Complutense in Madrid, working hard to get where she wanted💜

Thus was born the perfect combination: Musical Talent and business knowledge.

As DJjette, Sandy Love has played a key part in a host of Madrid nightclubs as pubic relations manager and has been playing for her audience since 2000 in some of the best clubs and private parties in Spain and abroad; Always involved in social projects helping with her music theraphy, and contributing economicaly helping families in an actual situation of poverty💜#djsandylove #sandylove #femaleempowerment #femaledj #womandj #girldj

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