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DJ MaryFree

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Today we welcome fabulous DJ MaryFree💜Maryfree aka Marica Salfi (1986), Sicilian by adoption, She is Tech / House DJ and producer💜

Taking Her first steps in Electro / EDM / House Music at the age of 19, she moved to Milan to work as a resident of the Tocqueville VIP parties and House club evenings💜

In 2010 she returned to Sicily, playing an active role in the thriving club scene in Catania, successfully managing a local club, organizing DJ set events and playing in various discos and festivals throughout Sicily, including MayDay, Spring Fest and One Day💜

After winning a local DJ competition in 2016, she started collaborating with Italo House dj Sanny j, releasing Her first singles as producer of Big Up in 2016 and Tek MIND in 2017, both broadcast on various national radio stations. She went on to release singles, exploring Rap and Raggaeton along the way, reaching national TV music channels💜

In 2018 she moved to Birmingham to continue shooting Her melodies and create other songs, the most recent of which is "Keep Me", with the Milanese singer-songwriter Simonluca💜

In 2019 She continues to produce changing a little style and starts working on "EL Granjero" a tribal piece💜 Subsequently Her two new singles were released in 2020 which are called "Green Power" and "GAME"!💜#womansupportingwomen #djmaryfree #femaleempowermentquotes #djanes #femaledj #thesecretloungeradio #girlfjsrock

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