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DJ G-String

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

We’re so excited to welcome @dj_g_string as a Resident🙌🎶

The emerging DJ G-String is from Chicago and is renowned for her electrifying performance style and real ability to get the party flowing.

Her slick selection of furious feel-good tunes really digs deep into listeners hearts and evokes intoxicating endless emotions. It all started at the age of fourteen, she was utterly obsessed with mixing music and decided to commit her time and money to learning the craft. By the time she had turned eighteen, she bought some turntables and grew her skills from spinning at house parties. One year later she was hired at an acclaimed nightclub in Chicago. This has led to her DJing with some of the most iconic DJs in the country. Holding over twenty years experience as a club DJ and musician, her energy-fueled dance tracks have been getting the crowd going for many years now.

DJ G-String has been featured in several EDM Publications such as in the Life in Lockdown Series #87,,, and DJ G-String's remix of All these Nights she worked on with TC5Official made it on Beatport Top 100 Electro House Charts for two weeks starting at #54 and going as low at #22. Ain't Nobody P5YCH0H Remix made it on Beatport Top 100 Big Room Charts starting at #42 to #22💜

💜#djanes #chicagodj #femaledjs #djgstring #worldwidedjs #djtalent #thesecretloungeradio #usadjs

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