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DJ Curl

We are excited to introduce @djcurl_ & welcome here to our line up this weekend on @thesecretloungeradio 💖 ​in her own words heres more about her -

I am Djcurl. I'm a DJ/Music Producer. I am an Indian DJ with ten years of experience. I made playlists that were suited for a variety of different audiences. 500+ events as a guest DJ at various nightclubs, including weddings, corporate events, college festivals, New Year's Eve events, and Friday and Saturday Nights with up to 1000 attendees. Mixes that demonstrate passion and talent in a variety of genres. Pop, R&B, Hiphop (Rap, Old School, New School), Latin (Pop, Reggae, Moombahton), Rock, and other genres Deep House, Bigroom House, Tech House, Bass House, Electro House, Future House, Progressive House), Techno (Deep Techno, Minimal Techno, Hardcore Techno), Trance (Progressive Trance, Psychedelic Trance), Trap, Dubstep, Bollywood💖 From bars to clubs my music kept the dance floor grooving with my sense of music. Locally I’ve achieved the name for myself as a trustworthy DJ. I feel my style is eclectic and energetic and I am passionate about bringing a cutting edge fresh fun take to every gig I play at.I love to explore new genres and blend it in my own style to create an elegant yet well connecting music to the audience. This hunger to explore more into music shall always be under my sleeve💖Using vocal enhancement skills and a microphone, confidently displayed cheerful personality to develop relationship with audience. Rekordbox was used to harness skills and provide fresh DJ sets to live and distant audiences. By releasing videos of DJ sets and connecting with followers on Instagram, I was able to gain an 8000-follower following. Mixing techniques that have been mastered to elevate wild performances. Regularly performed in front of crowds of 300 to 500 guests. Purple Martini, Guru bar Goa, Aditya Park Hotels, Riot, Fast forward, Over the moon, ASCI, Spoil, Pine and Dine, Hitex Exhibition Center, and Heart cup Cafe are just a few of my favourite venues. Teen for May and Punyadeha were two tracks I produced that the crowd loved. In addition, Citizen magazine highlighted me alongside some of India's most well-known DJs💖

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