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DJ Ashka

Ashka, she may be new school in the DJ world, but she hails from old school early 2000’s PLUR raver vibes, and the birth of LA’s electronic music scene. With over 20 years of music appreciation from an audience perspective, and basically shaking her booty on the dance floor every weekend, she has definitely earned her rite of passage into performing as a DJ.

Ashka’s love affair with music has been on going since she bought her first cassette tape in the 80’s. Classical, opera, metal and grunge would get her though her angst ridden teen years in rural Maine, but once she graduated Film School in Boston, MA and then moved to LA in 2000, she quickly discovered a whole new music world which would profoundly change her life forever. At that time, the electronic music scene in LA was exploding and Ashka was lucky enough to catch that wave and ride it through the most magical time period in LA. Much like Studio 54 era, LA had a whole new dance music revolution that cannot be explained unless you were a part of it at the time. Peace, Love, Unity & Respect permeated the scene. It can only be described as a special moment in time when these ethical guidelines were sacredly honored, allowing the dance community to feel safe as it came together.

Some of the clubs Ashka frequented were Giant, Rubber, The Garage, Deep, Avalon, Exchange, Vanguard, Monday Night Social, King King and so much more. Later on in life, Ashka progressed to festival life (i.e. Desert Hearts, LIB, Dirty Bird) and Burning Man (and subsequent local burner events).

When the pandemic hit and the music scene was shut down, Ashka had a huge void to fill, so she decided it was time to invest in DJ gear and learn how to bring the party to her home. She quickly discovered her passion to perform which fueled her eagerness to learn the craft at lightning speed. She also realized her creativity could finally be expressed through sharing her love of music. Music has always been her life force, self-expression, and therapy. In a way it saved her from going mad during the pandemic. Now that LA is opening up, she is well on her way to booking gigs in the underground music scene.

Ashka loves many genres of music but is keenly attracted to deep house, melodic house, organic house, tech house, bass house, techie indie dance, down tempo world beats and so much more.

Please follow her SoundCloud and IG pages to stay on top of Ashka’s blossoming DJ career, and you’ll see she still embodies the PLUR movement to this day.

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