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Updated: May 4, 2021

Alejandro aka "ATERO" is a Colombian House Music DJ & Producer based in Boston, Massachusetts. As a music producer his recording studio is like his place of sanctuary where he lives & breathes music, creating life into his craft. His style at the decks heavily revolves around House, Tech House, Afro House and Deep House & you'll often hear his latin & cultural roots with a unique spark of sound, melody or percussion mixed in.

His vibe goes so deep & sexy it will keep your feet and body moving all day & night long. He says the best way to describe his vibe is imagining yourself in the late hours of an "after party, nightclub or lounge". Which is why his music is perfect for the late night Secret Lounge session💜

ATERO’s inspirations since growing up were always Chus y Ceballos, Roger Sanchez, Masters at Work, Technasia & Erick Morillo to name a few. Their craftsmanship & style as DJs & Music Producers will always continue to aspire him to be as passionate as they are but in his own unique way💜

ATERO’s love of music began at a very early age. Coming from a huge musical background through his mother’s side of the family, with lots of professional musicians in spanish music, vocalists, DJs, and Producers as well. It was probably inevitable ATERO would follow a musical path in life, however he’s one of the few in his family pursing DJing & Producing for House Music specifically.

Throughout his late teens/early 20s DJing was more of a passionate hobby, going to school for sound engineering with music production in the day, and specifically focussing on Electronic Dance Music. It was only after finishing school that he started DJing passionately & professionally and more recently producing music (since 2019). Though he is his own biggest critic when it comes to his own production, he now is starting to confidently show his craft more often💜

ATERO’s experience as an event DJ shows throughout his performance on all his sets & live streams. A consummate professional at all times, ATERO always gets the party going with his amazing performance, show & vibe, often using the most spectacular visual displays to keep the audience entertained.

He was previously involved with regular live podcasts "Studio39'' & "Ministry of the Underground'' & is now a Resident DJ on United Kingdom radio station "BrokeFM" on Saturday nights and now "The Secret Lounge Radio" on Friday nights. We are very excited to welcome him to The Secret Lounge Radio, his suave underground deep sexy vibes definitely fits with our style 💜Please give him a warm welcome!💜

As he would say "Can you Dance to my Beat?" & "I'm going Deep ...Deeper ...Deeper in your Soul!" 💜

Social Media Links:

Instagram: atero_music

Facebook: atero_music







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