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Welcome Ariadne to TSLR 💜Ariadne is an multi faced artist / session musician/ ebass - double bass player and a dj, who bolsters femme representation in music at every turn.  She has been playing the ebass and double bass in several bands through the years with several type of music as such as classical orchestra, chamber ensemble, funk and jazz-blues band.  

She realizes that her passion for music had surpassed all else, through years with health issues she couldn’t perform, that’s how started djin.   Started as a guest dj and very soon played around her town, the last years she is a resident dj at a local bar. She creates a set with beats of many genres allowing herself the freedom within from funk music to electro house. #femaleempowerment #womenempowerment #womendj #femaledj #girlpower #girldjsrock #djane #djanetop #djs #thesecretloungeradio

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