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Welcome LCDJ to TSLR 💜Heres more about her on her own words💜

I started mixing when I was 16, playing vinyl for 10 years. I had a big break after a devastating year where I lost some of that passion. Recently, I have invested in some CDJ’s and it’s finally put that fire in my belly again. I am a hard trance queen at heart, but I love mixing techno, house, trance, progressive house. Anything with a beat I love to work with. I have been mixing for 13 years in total but I have only started sharing my passion with the public in the last 6 months. It’s never been about getting famous for me, looking great for the camera, music is very sacred to me. But after posting a short video, I had so much positive feedback from

so many people, they loved to see the passion in me when I mix and I now I fee I owe it to the music, and also to women all over the world who do this for the love of music💜#femaleempowerment #djane #womanempoweringwoman #femaledj #womendjsrock

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