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Our DJs

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DJ Girrrlcruz

Having Danced Professionally in Ibiza, Aya Napia and USA, in the 90’s, my Passion for Dance / Funky Sexy House / Club Music is Massive!


From 90’s Classics to modern day mixes, my sets are Awesome. Music is Life, that’s why our Hearts have beats.

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Cee Lovett

An original Vinyl junkie, house music loving dj- playing all things house from soulful through to funk, disco, tech and beyond!

Cee lovett loves to play in intimate venues where the audiences reaction fuels the energy and direction of the night. 

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Heather Bell, better known behind the decks as UltraViolette, is a DJ and Tech House Producer from Dayton, Ohio. She is best known for her energetic and innovative livestream productions as well as her contagious smile. Her debut collaborative track "I Can Shake It" with SonikSSP is signed with dotdotdot records and is set for release in March 2021

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